“Black Levels” @ Battyeford

Pennine’s “Black” level is beyond the traffic light system. This is when the River in spate – more than 28” (700mm) above the bottom step of the jetty. Realistically, at these very high flows the club is rarely going to be encouraging anyone to go afloat… but options can still exist so long as sufficiently experienced paddlers are involved.

Pennine Recommends Extreme Caution on Black!

A starting point for discussions might be:

  • Developing Paddlers – cut (canal) only & within 100m (& in line of sight) of Guide
  • Independent paddlers – cut (canal) only – ideally buddy up & in line of sight of each other
  • Advanced paddlers – in buddy groups & in line of sight when on the cut (canal) and only on the river with a signed-off Guide @ minimum 1:8 ratio & line of sight

More realistic levels?

Are we comfortable navigating this?