Launch Point: Gill Bridge

If you’re self-contained with your own boat, paddle, kit and so on then you may want to check out a launch point at Gill Bridge.

Two things might attract you to Gill Bridge:

  • The parking in Lowlands Road is generally easier than at Battyeford
  • The canal is really sheltered in central Mirfield

To find Lowland’s Road, head into Mirfield. If you’re coming from Battyeford, turn right at the second set of traffic lights (towards Lidl and the railway station). If you’re coming from Dewsbury, that’s a left turn just beyond Trinity Methodist Church.

Follow station road for just over 100m. As you cross the canal, take a left (immediately before Lidl).

Check out the location on Google Maps:

Please note: if you’re going to venture onto the Calder & Hebble Canoe Trail, the Canal & River Trust will expect you to have insurance and a license – both of which are included in full “On The Water” membership of British Canoeing.