Launching & Landing at Battyeford

The Pennine CRC Jetty was installed by The Club to ease access to and from the water. It’s not an all-singing, all-dancing facility with a disabled access ramp and rails / barriers – but if you’re accustomed to hanging around on natural riverbanks, you’re likely to get on with it just nicely.

The jetty is open access – but if you’ve not been before, please check out these videos for a sense of what to expect and go prepared for uneven ground on the approach & a couple of steps.

Note: the Club aims to keep the entire site in a good state of repair but that’s sometimes a struggle as the River Calder is very good at depositing large quantities of silt (and other debris) everywhere – and it’s not uncommon for the entire wooden-decked area to be underwater!

BEWARE – if the bottom level of the jetty is underwater the river is “up” on normal summer levels – please see our “Go” or “No Go” Page (click here) for a heads-up on what you might find!

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