“Red” Levels @ Battyeford

No one factor decides when the traffic light system at Battyeford should turn “red”… but if the water is between 16” (40cm) and 28” (70cm) above the bottom step of the jetty… the main river has stopped being a forgiving place to be.

Expect strong flows even between the jetty and the bridge. Assume approaching the banks is likely to be treacherous due to the danger of being trapped by strong flow in low branches. Be ready to use deep water rescue techniques in the event of a swim.

Beyond Red?

For Club Activity, Pennine Recommends:

Fundamentally, if a group has not got significant prior experience in comparable environments and conditions, another venue should at least be be considered.
? Developing Paddlers – cut (canal) only & within 250m (& in line of sight) of Guide
? Independent Paddlers to be in in buddy groups with at least one Signed-off Advanced Paddler – and minimally:
? Within 250m (& at least occasionally in line of sight) of Guide on cut (canal)
? Within 100m (& mostly in line of sight) of Guide on sheltered stretches of river
? Within 50m (& in line of sight) of Guide & moving one group member at a time around significant hazards
? Advanced Paddlers – ideally buddy up on the canal & in line of sight of each other at all times when on the river

Playing in the faster flows

If the River Calder is 16? (40cm) above the bottom step at the jetty, the fast flows below Battyeford Weir will be extremely powerful. Prior experience in Grade 2(3) White Water AND competent safety cover would be highly recommended.