Battyeford (Mirfield)

Pennine CRC operates everywhere from swimming pools and outdoor canoe polo pitches to distant lakes & rivers – but the club’s main base is off the Wakefield Road in Mirfield.

Anyone with an interest is invited to take advantage of Pennine’s site at Battyeford, and of the adjacent “Home Waters” (on the River Calder and on the Calder & Hebble Canoe Trail) – though what it offers varies enormously throughout the year, and not just with weather & water level!

Absolutely everyone is welcome on our site. The land we lease is all open access. All we ask is that everyone visiting respects and considers others, including local residents.

Getting on-site / finding your way around…

If it’s your first visit, please check out our guide to Getting On-site at Battyeford – as this can vary from really straightforward to really problematic – and because we also offer a really great alternative for those with their own boat & kit. We also offer a full site map.

What’s Good To Notice?

Whether you’re new to our site or not, we’d encourage you to take a look at our guide to ensuring things go well. You might also want to read our write up on the most notable feature of our home waters: Battyeford Weir.

Independent Paddling to / from Battyeford

If you’re turning up to do you’re own thing you’re welcome to go anywhere on our site – and to use our jetty. All we ask is that you respect other users and #ShareTheSpace – especially when we are hosting a club session or event.

Pennine doesn’t charge for use of the site, but all users are encouraged to make a donation of £2 / visit to help the club sustain with site maintenance / development.

Before considering paddling, you might want to take a closer look at our open-access jetty. This provided by Pennine for the benefit of all who might want to use it. That said, we’d love to have you as a member of our club – so please take a moment to read The Pennine Way.

And if you want to draw on our experience…

Pennine respects that everyone’s decision to get on the water has to be their own… but after 30+ years of operating on the River Calder, we have produced a few resources which might help with decision making.

Please note: if you’re going to venture onto the Calder & Hebble Canoe Trail, the Canal & River Trust will expect you to have insurance and a license – both of which are included in full “On The Water” membership of British Canoeing.