Club Equipment Update

As you are aware we have been selling some suplus stock to upgrade/renew

We are listing on ebay the following

Pyranha Roto bats (65 pounds) Prijon T Slalom 90 pounds, Prijon T canyon 120 pounds, P&H Revenge (70 pounds), see pictures below. We will also be listing Perception Dancer, Pyranha Masters in the near future.

The money Raised has enabled us to purcahse

Dagger Gtx, Pyranha Karnali M, Pyranha Karnali L, Dagger Approach 9

As well as these new boats club members to borrow can also borrow for free.

1.       Topo Duo

2.       Pyranha Lightning’s (Junior Racing Boats)

3.       Inazone’s 230, 240  (River Boats)

4.       Perception Kiwi 1 & 2     (Open Cockpit Flat Water stable Kayak)

5.       Perception Corsica and Corsica S (River boats)

6.       Perception Arc (River boats)

7.       Prijon T Slalom

8.       Prijon T Canyon (River boats)

9.       Feel Free Tandem (Sit On Top = SOT).

10.   Racing C2

11.   Perception Fox (Slalom boat)

12.   Pyranaha Rev (Play Boat)

13.   P&H Revenge (Polo Boats)

14.   Dagger AquaBat (Polo Boats)

15.   Perception Wave Hopper (WW Racer)

16.   Canadians Double Old Town Campers and Pathfinders (all roylex/Lightweight)

17.   Canadians OLD Town Discovery 169 with 3 x seats

18.   Various K1/K2 Racing Kayaks

19.   Pyranha S8 (Play Boat Good For the Surf)

20.   Blisstic Mystic (River Boat)


If youre intreset in borrowing Kit contact Aaron Emms or Chris Armitage to arrange booking and collection.

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