2015 Racing Dates

Below is a list of the majority of races that are of interest to the Marathon + Sprint Team.

The list includes some Hasler Marathons in the NW Region. These have been included to provide more competition and because they are within easy reach.
A full list of races can be found on the MRC Website.

08-Feb-15 Waterside A DW Training Race
15-Feb-15 Thameside 1 DW Training Race
22-Feb-15 Waterside B DW Training Race
01-Mar-15 Thameside 2 DW Training Race
08-Mar-15 Waterside C DW Training Race
22-Mar-15 Waterside D DW Training Race
03-Apr-15 Devizes to Westminster
11-Apr-15 Nottingham Sprint Regatta Sprint
18-Apr-15 Brigg (unconfirmed) Hasler Marathon Yorks
09-May-15 Nottingham Sprint Regatta Sprint
10-May-15 South Lakes Hasler Marathon NW
17-May-15 MALTON & NORTON Hasler Marathon Yorks
31-May-15 Chester 1 Hasler Marathon NW
06-Jun-15 Nottingham Sprint Regatta Sprint
07-Jun-15 Derwent Mike Jones Memorial Hasler Marathon Yorks
20-Jun-15 Conwy Ascent
21-Jun-15 Calder1 Hasler Marathon Yorks
27-Jun-15 Cheshire Ring Race NW
04-Jul-15 Nottingham Sprint Regatta Sprint
12-Jul-15 Macclesfield Adelphi Hasler Marathon NW
23-Aug-15 Chester 2 Hasler Marathon NW
05-Sep-15 Nottingham Sprint Regatta Sprint
20-Sep-15 Calder2 Hasler Marathon Yorks
04-Oct-15 Wolfreton Hasler Marathon Yorks
18-Oct-15 Trent K2
29-Nov-15 The Ross Warland Memorial Canal Challenge

If you wish to take part Email sprint@penninecrc.org