Canoe Polo – Useful Links

Regional, national, and international discussion. What are the ICF planning with regards rules changes, who needs a player for Saturday in Leeds or training tips.

Canoe England’s Canoe Polo Site, for league information, results, national squad

Want to know the rules? UK broadly follows International rules which are reviewed every 2 years below are links to UK variations and ICF.

Keep up to date with the developments for the 2016 World Championships in London

League Results:-

International Events Pennine Attends

Training Ideas?

Buying Kit

There are many manufactures of boats and paddlers have their favourites depending on paddling style, build, playing position. Always try a boat design before you by, ask players in the club for advice. The main suppliers of boats and paddles are

Buoyancy Aids the club uses Peak in the main you can buy them direct or through Robin hood Water Sports.


Need Some Repair Materials for a composite boat (there are other sites)?

Fixing a boat

After a Second Hand Boat?


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