The Formal Stuff…

If you’ve got this far, we trust you’ve already visited out pages on The Pennine Way, Keeping Life Simple and Entangled Lives – as these give a feel for what the club is about in ways that “The Formal Stuff” never will – but ultimately, some formal bits need to sit in the background.

If you’re interested, get in touch with any member of the Committee for a tour of how the club works. The club is committed to open discussions.

The 2019-2020 Committee

Chair – Andrew Carden

Vice-Chair – Rob Edwards

Secretary – Liz Holland

Membership – Matty Beck

Treasurer – John McGlynn

Head Coach – Greg Spencer

Recreation & WW – Jack Holland

Racing – Matt Holmes

Junior Rep – Eleri Spencer

Equipment – Phill Cooling

Key documents

Everything normally discussed under headings like “operating procedures” and “health and safety” can be found in pages linked to Keeping Life Simple – though our Health & Safety Policy is here.

Everything normally discussed under “Safeguarding” can be found under Entangled Lives – which starts informally, but ends with links to relevant policies and procedures.

To follow…

  • Club Constitution
  • Other Policies & Procedures