Marathons are long distance races, usually held on rivers & canals.

Races are divisional and promotion is gained when the paddler is as quick as those in the division above. Paddlers start in Div9 racing 4miles (at Div6 race 8miles, at Div3 12miles).

Most races form part of the “Hasler Series” where points are awarded to individuals per race, 20 for 1st, 19 for 2nd, and so on. The individual points are tallied and points awarded to the club for their overall position at that race meeting, 10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd, and so on. These club points are accumulated through the season and the highest ranked clubs per region compete at the national finals, usually held in October, where you will have a chance to race against the best paddlers in the country.

As well as the Hasler races there are other regular challenges throughout the year, with races of varying lengths from 5miles to 125miles. For example, Pennine CC regularly takes part in The Conwy Ascent (a 10mile upstream paddle which can be entered as a race or just a picturesque tour) and are looking to take as many members as possible in 2013. Also in the past, club members have competed in the Devizes-Westminster (125miles over the Easter weekend) and the Cheshire Ring (90miles around Manchester) as well as many others.