Welcome to the recreation section, we are a small but growing part of the club; we as a group enjoy outdoor paddling just for the pleasure of it.
Paddling down a river gives a whole new prospective of the land around you, we don’t pollute; we leave the water and the environment as we found it. We enjoy the journey, the rapids, the wildlife and the company of likeminded fellow paddlers.
Our journeys take us on rivers, lakes, canals and the sea, as we travel we learn the skills needed to negotiate these waters, knowledge is passed down, experience is shared.

We have an outdoor base alongside the Rokt climbing centre in Brighouse, we have a number of containers with a wide variety of boats all available to club members.
We have a selection of kayaks, singles and double, and a large number of Canadian canoes plus all the equipment you need for outdoor paddling.
In the spring and summer we have a weekly “club night” for all to come along and have a go; we have sections of flat and moving water plus two weirs. Across the road we also use the canal.
The paddling we do throughout the year includes;
Day trips down rivers such as the Wharfe, Derwant, Esk, Ure, Kent, Greta and Irwell, also we have camping weekend trips to Wales, North Yorkshire and the coast for sea kayaking.

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