About The Club

You will have seen from the chairs forward on the home page, that Pennine Canoe and Rowing Club is a multi disciplined club offering both recreational & competitive paddling for all ages, at a variety of venues, including rivers and canals in Mirfield, Dewsbury Sports Centre and ROKT Brighouse.

If you are new to Canoeing, the club will be able to provide most of the equipment you need. Contact recreation@penninecrc.org  for a list of the club equipment, members can use for free. For a guide about your personal equipment try Pennine Basic Canoeing Gear.

The clubs governance arrangements are set out in the clubs constitution which has been developed since the cubs original Pennine Canoe Club Constitution of 1990-91 to the PCC Constitution of 2013

We aim to offer a fun experience to all as safe as is reasonably possible, and our policies and procedures follow good practice as set by BCU, Canoe England and NSPCC.

If you have any questions about the running of club sessions you can contact the club welfare officer Andrew carden on 07980811628, club welfare posters are available on display at club venues.